Terms and Conditions

Returns Policy

Returns are subject to our approval.  Once a firearm is transferred from an FFL dealer to the buyer we will not accept any returns.

Shipping Policy

***MUST READ FOR FFL ORDERS*** For orders containing firearms, send FFL information to ModernDefensePA@gmail.com. If your dealer requires an email from us directly for their FFL, send us an email at ModernDefensePA@gmail.com. HANDGUNS SHIP ONLY via USPS PRIORITY. If you select any other method the order will be cancelled. Pistol caliber carbines, rifles and shotguns can ship any other method.

***MUST READ FOR AMMO ORDERS*** For orders containing ammunition, UPS Ground or Pickup must be selected. If you select any other method the order will be cancelled.

Cancelled orders are subject to a 5% restocking fee. Order pickup is by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Orders placed to locations that the product is not lawful to own will be cancelled and automatically charged a 10% restock fee. Firearms that are returned from an FFL will be subject to a 25% restock fee.


All transfers, sales and orders must follow state and federal guidelines.  Individuals under 21 may not purchase handguns and pistols.  Individuals under 21 may require a qaiting period to pick up their firearm(s).  

Out of State Residents

Out of state residents may only purchase COMPLETE rifles and shotguns.  Lower receivers and handguns/pistols are not allowed to be sold to out of state residents per Pennsylvania law.

Pennsylvania state and US federal law supercedes any terms and conditions that we may have posted incorrectly.